The Veiled Vanguard

The Eldritch Inferno: The Ruins of Vulcan

Seeing the smoke trail, Octavian asked the party of adventurers to scout out the old ruins of Vulcan and make sure that there were no signs of travel through the city. Angeilos compelled the party to agree, as they may not have fulfilled the mission they were given. In the morning the party departed, traveling along the old trail to the city through the forest. On the way, they once again felt a presence following them, and upon reaching the forest’s edge, they discovered a pair of wolves had taken interest in them. They shoed away the creatures then traveled across the plains that separated the forest and the Falacian Mountain range.

Cresting the last hill, the party stood looking upon a once great city carved into the rock of the mountainside. The city gates wide open, the area had been thoroughly picked clean by plunderers. The castle itself was partially collapsed, with its core being sealed off. Realizing part of the imp’s map corresponded to the city, the party made their way to a spot on the western wall marked by the map. Here they found the wall collapsed, but some searching by Aleysia revealed a hidden tunnel below. Once inside they traced it to a secret door within one of the houses in the inner city. Leaving their horses and heavier gear behind, they headed deeper into the tunnel. At the end, they found a chamber with a great arched stone relief and some weapons. On the door, a mural of the story of how Pralto became God of the Blacksmiths. Inspecting the relief, Kilimar deduced that it was in fact a secret door, and that something about the legend would be used to open the door. Being the religious expert of the group, Aleysia discerned that the way to open the door was to burn the earth inside of the dwarven urn of the relief. The group forged ahead, as the door closed behind them.



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