The Veiled Vanguard

Call of the Duty Bound Heroes: Source of the Flames

Once healed, the debate began on how best to assail the goblin’s hold. To this, Whistler – the oak leshy with the party – revealed that the structure of the cave was known, and revealed a small entrance above the cave entrance. The larger members Kilimar, Angeilos, Aleysia, and Mentula would break in the front of the cave, while the smaller members Olisha and Zuri would sneak in the back entrance. However, once Kilimar cleared the trough and entered the main chamber, the goblins within downed him instantly with Alchemist’s Fire. Retreating, the party decided to use the goblin’s own weapon against them. They barricaded the entrances of the cave with wood, and lit the cave on fire. As the air in the cave filled with smoke, the lesser goblins attempted in a last ditch effort to escape the trap. They died bathed in flames, a somewhat fitting irony for the damage they had done.

Once the fire had died down, the group ventured once more into the cave, putting the remaining goblins out of their misery. At the back of the cave however, they encountered a barn door sealed with straw and mud. Listening on the other side, Olisha discovered one voice talking to something on the other side. Together, Aleysia and Kilimar burst through the door. Before them stood a large bugbear, covered in glowing red cracks. The warriors charged the creature, surrounding it in short order. But when the casters stood alone in the back, the bearer of the voice revealed himself. Zuri and Mentula watched as an Imp, an agent of Hell itself, materialized before them. But no sooner had he appeared then the entirety of the party came down on him.

The imp disintegrated and the bugbear dead, the party surveyed the room. The goblin’s hoard lay before them; alchemical tools, weapons, jewels, and gold. The heroes took their spoils, and headed back to The Keep. On the way out though, Angeilos spotted a scroll on the Imp’s ash pile. When the party returned to The Keep, Octavian payed them their bounty and asked the inn keeper to host a celebration. Retiring to their rooms, Angeilos brought up that they needed to inspect the scroll. Opening it, they discovered a crude map with an odd trail drawn on it. Unable to recognize any landmarks, they stowed the map away for later.
During the party that night, a loud crash was heard in the distance. Rushing outside, the party and Octavian look into the moonlit night. A faint smoke trail is seen before stopping. Its location: the Ruins of Vulcan.



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