The world of Irator is alive and well. 300 years ago, when the Legendary Six defeated Ordanor, God of Darkness, the second age of mortals began. In the land of Gideon, the benevolent king Arthur has united the races of the mortal coil, and now seeks to reclaim the history of his country that was lost with the end of the first era. But what lies deep in the ruins of Gideon’s ancestors could enlighten the people or curse them, and some things are better left forgotten.

Some say say that heroes are born, destined by the gods to leave their mark on the world. Others say that heroes make themselves when they seek out and prevail against challenges set before them. But for a few, it is neither. Some heroes are simply people who stumble across something greater than themselves and become swept up in the adventure. So what say you, unsung adventurers. One way or another, this world needs saving.

The Veiled Vanguard

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